Monday, May 11, 2009

How to get hair with super sexy volume

Do you love those fabulous hair styles seen on Red Carpets and runways? Do you wish you knew how to get luxurious volume, bouncy layers and shiny strands? Never fear--all the secrets are HERE! Read this helpful article on how to get super sexy movie star soap opera hair (easy)!

How to file an injured spouse tax credit form

Tax time is here again for all of us 'working Joes'....have you filed your taxes yet ? (Uncle Sam wants to know!) Maybe you HAVE filed and you're excited to find that you're supposed to get back a nice little tax refund credit...a much needed boost to your income with this crummy economy...and then reality sets in. Remeber those back taxes your spouse owes?? Guess what!? The IRS remembers them and they can swipe your refund before the check is even cut and signed! But there's hope for you yet! You could be entitled to YOUR HALF of that tax refund amount! Do you even know if you qualify for the injured spouse tax refund? Read this helpful article to find out if you can still claim a large portion of your tax credit if the IRS has taken it due to your spouse's back taxes or past due child support! It may save you thousands!

How to dine out for pennies on the dollar!

Love to eat out but your budget won't allow for it? You might want to read this 'How to' article to learn how visiting ONE simple site will save you mega bucks and let you eat out in style!

How to crackle paint furniture

Need help with refinishing that dining room table or headboard?? Read this tidbit on "How to crackle paint furniture" for an easy remedy to give 'old furniture' a much needed face lift!